Adventures of Ryupoo Collection – Soooo Fluffy!

From the “Adventures of Ryupoo” Collection

by BeeFy produced by BeeFy & Co.


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  • Turtipoo Magnetic Turtle Shell Edition w/ Removable Head, Arms & Legs!

  • Brachiopoo Exclusive! Limited 100 w/ Seaweed, Poseable Neck & Tail

  • Fluffypoo Exclusive! Limited 100 w/ Removable Body Fleece

  • Leopoo -Rawr!

  • Battipoo – w/ Poseable Wings

  • Rexypoo – w/ Magnetic Mouth, Poseable Neck & Tail

  • Unipoo ittypoo

  • Penjipoo Exclusive! Limited 100 w/ Head Articulation and Poseable Flippers and Magnetic Fish!

  • Orkipoo Exclusive! Limited 100 w/ Plush Fishy, Zipper Mouth & Poseable Tail

  • Leopoo WonderCon Exclusive!

  • Raffipoo – w/ Poseable Neck & Legs

  • Zodipoo: Munkipoo w/ Poseable Tail

  • Turtipoo – w/ Head Articulation

  • Rootipoo – w/ Belly Pouch

  • Ryupoo ittypoo

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10" Plush
10" Plush
3" ittypoos
5" Minipoos

18" Pillowpoo So Fluffy!



10 inch tall Pikachu inspired plush with 360 degree rotating head articulation,poseable ears, poseable tail, Light up Thunderbolt attack feature and EXCLUSIVE POOKIBALL! LIMITED EDITION OF 100! – $25

Pikapoo Exclusive

Kaiju Wars!

Paiju the panda Kaiju

11 inch tall super bad ass plush with 360 degree rotating head articulation, Bendable Fluffy tail whip action and his Atomic Puke which can be rolled up and tucked away inside his mouth! – $28

Paiju SDCC Exclusive

Pop Plush


11 inch tall Totoro inspired plush with 360 degree rotating head articulation and removable magnetic leaf! – $25