Astro Zombie Bunny?! The Chaos Bunnies vinyl figure set continues with the release of Astro Zombie Bunny! Hungry for brains and half-eaten himself, this bunny is sitting down to take a break from stalking the living. Accompanied by a worm who is hitching a ride inside his empty skull, Astro Zombie Bunny has definitely seen better days. A 10-inch vinyl figure, Astro Zombie Bunny is produced by The Loyal Subjects and comes packaged in a fantastic jumbo-sized (and re-sealable) blister pack. Limited to just 300 figures

Astro Zombie Bunny:
Although they are as dim-witted as any zombie bunny, Astro Zombie Bunnies are quite dangerous. Heavy radiation from an asteroid crash has made them swift, aggressive, brain-hungry rogues ready to wreak havoc on the massive bunny population.

  • Created and Designed by Joe Ledbetter
  • Produced by The Loyal Subjects
  • 10-inch tall vinyl figure
  • Fluorescent accents
  • Worm included
  • Many new sculpt elements including feet, ears, and tail
  • Limited edition of 300
  • Limited to 1 per person
  • Comes in a jumbo-sized (and re-sealable) blister pack
  • SDCC 2013 Exclusive
  • This figure is SIGNED by Joe Ledbetter!

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Price: SALE $125.00