By BeeFy

Produced by BeeFy & Co.

7 Inch Tall Vinyl Figure

Mari the Cuddlefish – La Blues Lagoon Edition – Seaweed Envy Edition – Angry Red Sea Edition

AWWWWW…. Mari’s got the BLUES! When ever he gets the Blues, he turns Blue!

Mari loves seaweed! He always get envy when he sees others munching on those delicious green seaweed. When he becomes envious, he turns Green!

Make sure you don’t get Mari Angry, you wouldn’t like it when he is angry. He turns Red just like the Red Sea!

Mari is a angry and emotional Japanese cuddlefish. Mari loves to cuddle, eat shrimpys and ink all over the place. He gets very emotional and sensitive. When his emotion changes, his color also changes reflecting his emotion.

LIMITED EDITION: 125 Each Colorway

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