The Great Zodi Race Board Game!

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Here is our first official BeeFy & Co. board game! This is our version of the popular classic board game "Sorry" with a BeeFy twist!

We all know the tale of how the Chinese Zodiacs came to place with the Great Zodi Race!

Now you, your friends and family can be a part of this Great Race!

Who will be first? Who will be fast? Who will be the Zodipoo that always comes last?

Now is your chance! Be the first Zodi team to finish the race and realigned the Zodiac signs!

You can download the board game with the links provided below. Print them out on standard 8.5 x 11 letter paper and follow the instructions to assemble the game.

It's FREE! It's a gift from me to you all for all the support that you have given me. Enjoy this game and please help share it to all your friends and family.


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AOR Zodipoo Race Board Game






DCON 2016 Phoenix TV Interview

Here is the BeeFy & Co. interview of my good buddy Henry  @_artbyhenry_  at DCON 2016 by Sharon from Phoenix TV. Dude is a natural on camera and interviews. Note to self, need to improve on interviews and learn Mandarin. That's actually one of my 2017 goals Lol. Thanks again for taking one for the team Henry! You'll see a bunch of other artists and cool stuff from DCON besides us.

Here is the link:


Pikapoo Skit by Tickle & Jumpy!

When I say adorable and cute, it's an understatement. This awesome Pikapoo skit by the talented Tickle & Jumpy takes the cake for 2016! Love it so much!! Thank you girls and can't to see more of your videos! Make sure to subscribe to their channel.