NYCC 2013 After Thoughts…

NYCC 2013 has came and gone in a blink of an eye. First of all, I have to Thank everyone of you who made it out to NYCC and took your time to come visit me at my little booth. All I have to say is, that it was AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!

Having a booth at NYCC would be a huge financial gamble for me. Barely keeping my head above water with this company. This industry is a really tough market to break into. 

 Here are the factors I had to consider:

The cost of Booth space, Travel, Stay/Hotel, Logistics/Shipping, How much help I have and Finally how much does my fans want to see me at NYCC!

 So I was fortunately enough that I was able to crash at my cousin's place in Flushings NY. I was also able to get a smaller 8 x 6 booth space, instead of the standard 10 x 10 space. Next was flight, $315 Roundtrip on is the best you'll probably find (I Love Vrigin America!). To cut down cost of shipping, I've decided to only ship 1/4 of my products and allow FREE SHIPPING for any poducts that I have sold out at the NYCC. As for help, I was also lucky to have a friend from NY (Shandy you're the man!) and my cousin to help me out at the booth. Finally, I asked my Faithful fans how bad do they want to see BeeFy & Co. at NYCC?!! The Fans demanded that I make a Special East Coast appearance! So OFF I GO!!!


The BeeF is now in NY! Honestly being from West Coast San Francisco I didn't know what to expect from it. Within this short 2 year time span of my existance, I've done many local street fairs, WonderCon, Komikaze and the Grand Daddy of them all SDCC!! I had the worse Con experience failure ever with SDCC, so I was some what skeptical about  NYCC, But…boy was I wrong!