The Process of Design and Production of a Toy

 Alrighty, I've been asked a few times on the process of designing a toy. So here it is, I will try my best to describe the whole process here. I always wanted to make my own toys and become a toy designer. When the opportunity came for me to do so when I established BeeFy & Co. I went in with a head full of steam. First and foremost is that you have to do your research. Research, research, research. Gather as much information and leads as you can.

So, I wanted to become a toy designer…where do I begin?! I Googled, Moogled and Binged every site, page and blog on the web. I found some useful information and a bunch on vague and useless ones. With 3 years of experince designing toys for BeeFy & Co. I will share my knowledge with you all. I will try to keep this as simple as possible in these steps.



Brainstorm, draw and sketch out your idea and concept. Don't be fixated on one character, unless you know for sure that character is the one you want to design, develope and put in production. Most of the time you'll be surprise how many new characters you actually create during this process.

Don't worry about refining the artwork. Once you have decided and picked your character that you want to move forward with. Draw and sketch out different poses and give it a personality and character. The backstory of your character will slowly develop as the more you keep drawing it.