Leopoo Eats Tonight Lullaby

From the Mighty Jungle comes Leopoo!! He's Hungry and Sleepy all the time, just like your kids! LoL, Leopoo is available now! Now you can sing this lullaby with Leopoo and your munchkins to put them to sleep! Hope you guys enjoy this!


AOR “Making Friends” An Alphabet Adventure Children’s Book

1 2 3 A




















BeeFy's First Book! Summer 2015

Adventures of Ryupoo

"Making Friends"

An Alphabet Adventure


In this book, Ryupoo takes you on an adventure where he meets all the amazing animals from A to Z and become friends with them!

Now you can learn your ABC's and 123's with all your favorite Adventures of Ryupoo characters!




Polopoo Nursery Rhyme by Katie Rice. This is one of the coolest ad sweetest thing I've received by one of my follower & fan! She LOVED Polopoo so much that she decided to come up with a nursery rhyme for him!

Thanks Katie!


The Process of Design and Production of a Toy

 Alrighty, I've been asked a few times on the process of designing a toy. So here it is, I will try my best to describe the whole process here. I always wanted to make my own toys and become a toy designer. When the opportunity came for me to do so when I established BeeFy & Co. I went in with a head full of steam. First and foremost is that you have to do your research. Research, research, research. Gather as much information and leads as you can.

So, I wanted to become a toy designer…where do I begin?! I Googled, Moogled and Binged every site, page and blog on the web. I found some useful information and a bunch on vague and useless ones. With 3 years of experince designing toys for BeeFy & Co. I will share my knowledge with you all. I will try to keep this as simple as possible in these steps.



Brainstorm, draw and sketch out your idea and concept. Don't be fixated on one character, unless you know for sure that character is the one you want to design, develope and put in production. Most of the time you'll be surprise how many new characters you actually create during this process.

Don't worry about refining the artwork. Once you have decided and picked your character that you want to move forward with. Draw and sketch out different poses and give it a personality and character. The backstory of your character will slowly develop as the more you keep drawing it.

BeeFy & Co. Turns 3!!

I just turned 3 on June 10th, 2014! My oh my, how time sure flies when you are enjoying what you do. The past 3 years was definitely a wild ride. There were so many good times and bad times. There were many times I asked myself "What did I get myself into?!". The toy industry is such a tough market and trying to establish myself as a professional artist is also as tough. The toughest part of doing anything is to keep on going, self motivate and not quiting, no matter how many times you have failed or fallen. The easy way out of anything is to quit and give up.

On June 10th, 2011 I started BeeFy & Co. with 5 other friends and three years later it's basically myself now with two silent partners. But I do get the occaisional help from some of my good friends here and there. I've learned so much throughout these years. Running a company alone will help you grow some big balls and give you extra hair on your chest.


WonderCon & C2E2 After Thoughts…

   WonderCon 2014

  WonderCon has came on gone like the fog of San Francisco bay. This year was another fun year and we were joined by the special folks from Quickee Cam. www.quickeecam.com  . They provided BeeFy & Co. an awesome photostation that allowed all the BeeFy & Co. fans, customers and the rest of the WonderCon attendees to take instant photos.

The station provided a QR code which allowed for instant download of the photo taken. Also all the photos from WonderCon was uploaded to my FB page here to check out all the photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.685777598130245.1073741853.199552880086055&type=3


2014 The Year of The Poo

An onlook of whats to come for BeeFy & Co. in 2014!



Our first 2014 release will be another addition to our successful Adventures of Ryupoo plush line! We will continue our traditional Quarterly release of another one of your favorite characters.

Spring Release: WonderCon Exclusive x Joining the family will be "Elipoo" the clumsy wumsy cuddley wuddley elephant!








Summer Release: SDCC Exclusive x Year of the Horse!

Fall Release: NYCC Exclusive x Battipoo!


Winter Release: Let me knnow and Vote for your Favorite character!!


Resin & Vinyl Toys

We will be releasing our 2nd Jade Bad Bad Buddha Colorway at WonderCon. The "Spirit Jade Bad Bad Buddha"


SDCC Exclusive x "Earth Jade Bad Bad Buddha"


SQuibby! 7" Vinyl Figure TBD


Adventures of Ryupoo 4" Mini Figures! TBD









Our apparel line has taken a backseat during 2013, but this year we will be pushing our apparel line to the next level! Tons of new T-shirt designs, hoodies, polo and even booty shorts! New Kids line also!



My first book that will be releasing will be "The Adventures of Ryupoo!". It is still in working progress. Hopefully it will be completed this year or early 2015


Well, that's all the awesome stuff I can think of now, just keep following me on FB, IG, Twitter and Here for more news, updates and whatever mischievous naughty or nice things I'll be up to in 2014!!! Hope to see all of you guys at one or all of my events!!

Always Much Love & Take Care!



NYCC 2013 After Thoughts…

NYCC 2013 has came and gone in a blink of an eye. First of all, I have to Thank everyone of you who made it out to NYCC and took your time to come visit me at my little booth. All I have to say is, that it was AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!

Having a booth at NYCC would be a huge financial gamble for me. Barely keeping my head above water with this company. This industry is a really tough market to break into. 

 Here are the factors I had to consider:

The cost of Booth space, Travel, Stay/Hotel, Logistics/Shipping, How much help I have and Finally how much does my fans want to see me at NYCC!

 So I was fortunately enough that I was able to crash at my cousin's place in Flushings NY. I was also able to get a smaller 8 x 6 booth space, instead of the standard 10 x 10 space. Next was flight, $315 Roundtrip on Virginamerica.com is the best you'll probably find (I Love Vrigin America!). To cut down cost of shipping, I've decided to only ship 1/4 of my products and allow FREE SHIPPING for any poducts that I have sold out at the NYCC. As for help, I was also lucky to have a friend from NY (Shandy you're the man!) and my cousin to help me out at the booth. Finally, I asked my Faithful fans how bad do they want to see BeeFy & Co. at NYCC?!! The Fans demanded that I make a Special East Coast appearance! So OFF I GO!!!


The BeeF is now in NY! Honestly being from West Coast San Francisco I didn't know what to expect from it. Within this short 2 year time span of my existance, I've done many local street fairs, WonderCon, Komikaze and the Grand Daddy of them all SDCC!! I had the worse Con experience failure ever with SDCC, so I was some what skeptical about  NYCC, But…boy was I wrong!










BeeFy’s Top Designer Toys

I just want to talk about and share with you some of my personal favorites from the designer toy industry. The rankings are my personal opinions.

Designer Toy & Toy Brands


1. Hot Toys – Hands down the Best 1/6th  Movie and Comic figure toy company in the world!

2. Coarse Toys – The Best Quality, character design, backstory and packaging!

3. 3A Toys – The Best 1/6 and 1/12th Characters and Universe

4. Kidrobot

5. The Loyal Subjects


Favorite Toys or Toy lines (*Not in any specific order)

Hot Toys – Iron Man, Avegners











3A Toys – TK, Bramble

Coarse Toys – False Friends, Noop











Kidrobot – Street Fighter, Dunny

The Loyal Subjects – JLED Chaos Bunnies, Transformers

Enterbay – NBA Michael Jordan


Artist (*Not in any specific order)

Joe Ledbetter

Junko Mizuno

Audrey Kawasaki


Customizers (*Not in any specific order)

James Fuller aka Fuller Designs



Pause Designs







Penjipoo has Arrived!

New Addition to the Adventures of Ryupoo!

“Penjipoo” The Witty Bitty Cuddly Bubbly Penguin!

Be sure to add him to your collection before they are all gone!!


Toysrevil “Silent Auction” Sale for Stroke


















Hey everyone! Show your support with this "Silent Auction", with 100% of the sales proceed to benefit the Day Rehab Center for St. Andrew's Community Hospital, Singapore! BeeFy & Co. is giving back to the community, even all the way in Singapore! 🙂

Thanks! BeeFY


BeeFy & Co'S CONTEST TO WIN FREE STUFF!! Alrighty folks! Please help get our Facebook fan page up to 1000 "Likes". I would totally appreciate it if you can take just a min to go to my co. page and "Like" the page! For every additional 100 "Likes" I will randomly pick a Winner to WIN A GIFT from BeeFy & Co!! HURRY & SHARE IT WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! THE MORE LIKES WE GET THE MORE WINNERS THERE WILL BE!!! MUCH LOVE & THANK YOU!! *Contest ends Nov. 1st, 2012