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Paiju SDCC Exclusive

Fluffypoo SDCC Exclusive

Leopoo WonderCon Exclusive

Chewbacca (W)

HK Warriors (W)



Battipoo C2E2 Exclusive


Giants History (W)

Chewbacca (M)

Captain America (M)

Venom (M)

Baymax (M)

Captain America (W)

Poo Lee GOD (M)

Baymax (W)

Mickey Mouse (W)

Minnie Mouse (W)

Mari the Cuddlefish


Ryupoo Pillowpoo

Ryupoo Mustache You


Stormtrooper (W)

Vader (W)

Wolverine Slash (W)

Batman Beyond (W)


Stormtrooper (M)

Vader (M)

Bane (M)

Wolverine Slash (M)

Batman Beyond (M)

Colossus Tank (M)

Hellboy (M)

Spirit Jade BBB

Bad Bad Buddha

Penjipoo Scarfy

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Polopoo Nursery Ryhme



SDCC 2014

  BeeFy & Co. will be making it's 2nd apperance…

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Established in 2011 by creator and artist Menh Voong comes a new brand of iconic art inspired by generations of comics, animation and pop culture. Devotion and passion is instilled in every product, making each piece limited and of the utmost quality. The brand BeeFy & Co continues to develop and grow for your collectible needs!

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